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Deionising Cartridges & Particle Filters

Laser S.O.S. provides the solid sate laser industry with a comprehensive range of Deionizing Cartridges and Particle Filters for most leading solid state lasers.

Most solid state lasers require Deionization Cartridge or DI resin to maintain the correct level of water purity and for preventing electrical arcing. Most lamp pumped lasers require cooling water resistivity to be in the range of 1 to 2 MegaOhm/cm for efficient operation. Problems such as laser lamp ignition will result if water purity drops below the required resistivity level.

Water quality should be tested on a regular basis. The Deionization Cartridge or DI Resin should be changed when the quality of water drops below the current resistivity level. Many laser systems now are fitted with in-line water sensors to monitor water quality.
Particle filters are also required to prevent the build-up of particulates and debris on to pump cavity, laser lamp, flow tubes and the water cooling loop and system.