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The Technology

The variable Intense Pulsed Light technology allows Sapphire to;

  • Uses the physical properties of light to maximum advantage
  • Acts differently on specific body tissue
  • Emits multiple light pulses in the same shot
  • Addresses every patients individual requirements
  • Delivers most effectiveness on different aesthetic procedures
  • Facilitates significantly improved patient comfort

Variable Pulse Technology

  • Each variable light pulse comprises of a sequence of rapid
  • individual pulses
  • These pulses ensure controlled absorption while
  • minimising heating of the target area

Sapphire System

The most versatile Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) unit on the market

  • Configurable to every patients individual requirements
  • Excellent treatment effectiveness on target
  • Significantly improved patient comfort
  • Best longevity with +50,000 shots  at maximum fluence
  • Compact, lightweight and mobile

The most profitable Intense Pulsed Light unit on the market